About Us

In 1969 University Congregational United Church of Christ (UCUCC) undertook an outreach program to provide quality child care, emphasizing economic, social, and ethnic diversity with a commitment to serving low income and single-parent families. In 1999, UCUCC Child Care Programs became a separately incorporated 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and Board membership was expanded to include parents and community members. The Child Care Programs continue as a mission of the congregation of the Church.

UCUCC Child Care Programs provides a place where all families are welcome and supported.

An important part of our Philosophy is an anti-bias approach to learning. It is our goal to consistently maintain an environment that provides learning materials and offers activities which reflect all aspects of diversity. We particularly strive to reflect the diversity present in the families we serve. Examples of how a classroom environment may include representations of diversity are as the follows:

  • In decoration: displayed pictures of children and families served and pictures of various diverse individuals and families

  • In dramatic play: various skin tone babies, multi-cultural foods, multi-cultural dress and/or accessories, a wheel chair, glasses, wigs, or occupational hats

  • In literature: picture books reflecting multi-cultural, differently abled, intergenerational families, same sex parents/guardians, sign language, and non-stereotypical gender roles

  • In manipulative and block play: pretend play people that are multi-cultural, differently abled, differently aged, and include different representations of family

When children see themselves and their culture reflected in their environment, and when children are supported in their choice of play, they learn to value themselves for who they are. This instilled sense of pride contributes to a higher self-esteem throughout adulthood.

We are enrolling children from our waitlist. Please see our Enrollment Page for waitlist instructions.


In 2020 The UCUCC Child Care Programs provided over $64,000.00 in scholarships to families who would otherwise not be able to afford child care. The dollars to provide scholarships are from University Congregational United Church of Christ, UCUCC Child Care Programs Staff, and private donors who believe all families should have a safe, quality child care program while they cannot be with their child. Please join our teachers in supporting our scholarship fund. You may donate with a direct payment to us for our scholarship fund, you may DONATE NOW , or many employers have a matching donation program. If you shop, Amazon gives! We receive a small portion of your spending from your Amazon shopping. Please check out Amazon Smile. We are listed as UCUCC Child Care Programs. Funds donated to the scholarship fund are used directly to cover the cost of child care. Donations may be tax deductible, please contact your tax adviser for this information.


"We recommend UCUCC Child Care Programs to friends and neighbors. Inclusive, play based curriculum, this is what all children deserve. We are so grateful for the values of safety and kindness that our daughters learned from their amazing teachers. During school closures, wildfire smoke, and heat waves, they have been there for our family. This is a special place."

- Tessa & Rohit