Room 241

Room 241 is our toddler classroom. Children in this room are between the ages of 20 months and 32 months of age. In this room children continue to build off of the self help skills they learned in Room 237. They begin to build friendships and show the beginning stages of playing with peers as they move away from parallel play. Children in this class may begin their potty training journey. 

Sample Schedule

7:00-8:00 Arrival Time

8:00-8:40 Breakfast

8:40-9:10 Diaper/Potty Check

9:10-9:40  Playground (East Side - Upper)

9:40-10:10  Playground (West Side - Lower)

10:10-10:30   Circle Time

10:30-11:00   Free Play Time

11:00-11:30 Lunch

11:30-12:00 Diaper/Potty Check

12:00-2:00 Naptime

2:00-2:30 Diaper/Potty Check & Afternoon Snack

2:30-3:00 Art/Group Activities

3:00-3:35 Free Play Time

3:35-3:55 Playground (West Side - Lower)

3:55-4:25 Playground (East Side - Upper)

4:25-4:45 Diaper/Potty Check

4:45-5:15 Late Afternoon Snack

5:15-6:00 Free Play Time